Monday, June 18, 2007

We couldn't wait...

Welcome to The Edible Prairie Journal's blog.

We're going to be revamping our Web site,, in the near, near future. Why? Because we love how the world of blogs have the ability to create a community for people who share similar passions and experiences. For readers of our publication, this is an enthusiasm for the vibrant food culture we have on the Canadian Prairies. After our site upgrade, it will be much more interactive, with on-line forums for discussing recipes, food field trips, source information, etc. We'll also be able to update it very easily, which means that we'll be bringing you lots of up-to-the-minute information of great food finds, newsy items and other tidbits of interest to prairie cooks and foodies.

So that's the plan...but patience is not our strong-suit and we want to start to share what is happening out there in the fields, in the restaurants and cafes and in the home kitchens RIGHT AWAY. So here's our temporary blogspace.

In it, we'll keep you posted on:

-prairie cooking and eating news
-behind the scenes of the articles we are working on for future issues of the magazine
-other great prairie web sites we come across
-cookbook reviews (we get a lot of cookbooks these days...too many to include in our publication, but worthy of mentioning nonetheless)
-Q & A with Edible Prairie Journal's "free range" chef, Brad Smoliak of Brad Smoliak Cooks
-Reader and web visitors questions, comments, recipe requests and anything else we see fit to post

We hope you enjoy this new feature of The Edible Prairie Journal. Happy cooking!

Jennifer and Terry

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